Having nearly 2/3 of our student cohort being delivered via distance in Moodle, it can be a challenge for the tutors to easily be able to see the behavior of their students within Moodle. Do you know what day is the students most visited? Do you know if a student has accessed and downloaded resources?We integrated the Open Source Analytics application called Piwik in to Moodle. By passing the students userID as a custom variable, we are able to link all analytical data back to the student. Based on the Tutor / Student relationship in Moodle, we have been able to develop a local plugin that queries the Piwik API, returns data and presents in an easy to use UI with up to 12 weeks worth of data. The next phase of the plugin is to integrate Tin Can API calls that are captured in the LRS allowing tutors to see how students are progressing with formative assessmentsWith a Tutor having this data they can target learning based on actions within Moodle by the students as well as connect with students that have become disengaged.