Last year at multiple Conferences and Moots, Scott presented on experimentation with the Internet of Things and eLearning. In the time since, his experimentation has incorporated the increasingly smaller and cheaper single board computers that have become available to hobbyists and innovators. It has lead him to the question “What is the smallest, cheapest computer that can run Moodle?”

With this question, this presentation will encourage you to experiment with Single Board Computers and the Internet of Things. Scott will show you the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Zero, and tell you about running Moodle on cheap Open Hardware Single Board Computers.

Is this an actual practical way to run Moodle for your classroom? Not at all. However, by exploring the recent innovations in Single Board Computers, and the Internet of Things, we can find a deeper meaning as educators. Scott's presentation will outline how will we use the Internet of Things to will teach, especially STEAM subjects, in classrooms of the future.