In this presentation I'll share my experience of running MOOCs on Moodle which have had up to 3000 enrolled learners. First I'll go over some factors to consider to get the Moodle site ready for such a course. The main focus of the talk will be about setting up a course for delivery as a MOOC and running the course. The following questions (and perhaps more) will be covered: What kind of structure/layout would work well for a Moodle course that's supposed to be a MOOC? Which Moodle resources and activities lend themselves well for a MOOC?What are the ways to set up enrolment to keep the total number of learners at a manageable level?Facilitation is certainly useful, but how can you plan to facilitate a course for so many learners?Which reports are useful to analyse learners' performance, and what spreadsheet techniques come in handy?What is the level of technical support learners might expect during the course?